Tech Invest Solutions Software (Trading Platform)

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Tailored performance reporting

Take advantage of historical and real-time performance reports, along with countless charts and metrics.


Absolute optimization

Benefit from our top-notch algorithms to optimize complex strategies for currencies, derivative markets, and more.


Automated trading

Rely on the ability to automate your trading strategies and let our system do the rest.


Historical market data

Explore a high volume of historical market data to aid your backtesting and research.


Strategy development toolkit

Employ our versatile strategy development digital toolkit to assist in strategy creation and testing on global markets.


Order & Execution algorithms

Take your pick among various order types and their plethora of built-in, custom executions.

Our Philosophy

Shift the paradigm Improve the Trading Industry

Tech Invest Solutions - Who Are We?

Ever since we entered the trading industry, we found something crucial was lacking. We encountered many products that were good, but not user-friendly enough. had good UX, but poor performance, great UI, but cost an arm and a leg to use.

We are a company that saw room for improvement. We are the traders who got to know the software so well, we ventured into creating our own.

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Complete automation

Come face to face with our next-generation trading software system.
Our system provides complete automation of trading strategies, as well as
a digital toolkit that will facilitate your strategy development.

Other system features include fundamental data coverage, backtesting, management
and analysis of abundant market data, and much more, all with utmost
efficiency, reliability, and speed.

Superior algorithms

You can also take advantage of our top-notch algorithms to optimize complex strategies for currencies, crypto, derivative markets, equities, and more. Our software is geared towards being the only trading solution you will ever need.

Our trading system is also easy to use and manage, being supported by a trained team of experts that are at your disposal at all times to ensure you’re utilizing all of our system’s features to the best





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